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Client Testimonials

What are clients saying about All About Doody?

We thank our clients for sharing their experiences with our company. If you would like to add your own client testimonial, please contact us.

We have been very impressed with the service you all have provided and enjoyed meeting all of the people that have come into our yard to clean up. They have all been professional and enthusiastic which is surprising considering what they are cleaning up! As well, they have all been very kind to our pets while working in the yard and tolerated Coco Belle jumping all over them and usually leaving her muddy paw print on their clothes – she was a mess!
Beth T., Cypress, TX

EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL SERVICE! I would highly recommend this company!
Lynn McK., Houston, TX

My name is Natalie Saikowski Johnson, and I am a former Board Member of The Woodlands Dog Park Club and volunteer for Houston Boxer Rescue and Lone Star Boxer Rescue. We enjoy playing in the backyard with our boxers and entertaining friends/family. Thanks to All About Doody, we can now utilize our entire yard without the fear of stepping on and/or tracking in dog poop.

After a long day at work, coming home to scoop poop is the last chore anyone wants to do. Before you know it, a heated discussion has erupted over whose turn it is to scoop this time. We could let the lawn crew mow over it… We could leave it so more flies will swarm the backyard… Or we could hire All About Doody.

My husband and I chose to hire All About Doody to scoop our yard on a weekly basis. Their fees are budget friendly and their service is one of the best investments we have made as pet owners. Our backyard no longer smells and does not have pesky flies invading our space. Flies are not only a nuisance, but can also transmit diseases.

Leaving your dog’s waste unscooped pollutes our groundwater and is potentially harmful to our ecosystem. Diseases and parasites can easily be transmitted to other pets through feces, which could endanger the health of your family, particularly young children.

Contact All About Doody today at 281-573-8970 to obtain your free estimate so you too can have a poop free yard tomorrow. A 10% discount will be honored for all members of The Woodlands Dog Park Club.
Natalie J., The Woodlands, TX

Thanks again! We have been gone on vacation and it was so nice to come home to a clean yard and NOT a “poop-smelling” yard!! I truly feel this is a service that is well worth my money.
Lynn C., The Woodlands, TX

Call To Doody is a great service. My husband and I both work outside the home, and our 11 year old does not like to be the “pooper scooper” so our yard was full of “presents” from our Black Lab. I saw the truck for Call To Doody one day while on my way home from Sam’s Club and decided to call. The rates are very reasonable, and now I can actually go into my yard and walk around without having to watch my step. The people that work for Call To Doody are very nice too, and they always latch our gate when they leave which saves me from chasing the dog around the neighborhood to get her back home! I would highly recommend this service to ANYONE that has a pet and does not have the time to spend thoroughly cleaning up their yard after the pet.
Michelle S., The Woodlands, TX

Thank you—your service truly makes a difference and thanks also for the alert—Mac did have a virus and we took him to the Vet that afternoon—and your observations were truly appreciated.
Rick C., Spring, TX

As much as we love our pets, I can’t imagine that any pet owner actually enjoys cleaning up the pets’ waste! Your service allows me and my family to enjoy our backyard without the sight or odor of pet poop! Thanks!
Diane W., Cypress, TX

I would discontinue my cable TV before I stopped Call to Doody! This has allowed us to relax in our backyard again and enjoy our pool without having to worry about where to dispose of our dog’s waste. It is nice to not only know that it is being taken off of our premises but also that it is being disposed of properly. My daughter is now at college in Mississippi and wonders if they have “such a thing” in Mississippi! Everyone marvels that we have this service when we tell them. We thank Call to Doody again for all they do!
Lynn C., The Woodlands, TX

Your service have been superior from day one and continues to be the same each and every time you visit our property. Personnel are professional and responsive and our pets seem to enjoy their engagement with your staff as well. Before I bought melanotan peptide here, but now I not need that. Thank you for all you do as it now makes our lifestyle and our children’s more enjoyable.
Rick C., Spring, TX

Thank you for cleaning my yard so beautifully. It was so nice to go out there last night and this morning and not worry about getting “into trouble”.
Claudia P., The Woodlands, TX

I called for a one-time cleanup for my daughter’s birthday party. They were so thorough and accommodating, I’ve now gone to a weekly service. I can’t imagine life without them.
Travis R., Houston, TX

I just wanted to follow up my first scooping with an appreciation for how wonderful and thorough the service is. I got home and went into the yard. Not a trace of poop to be found! Even with my grass somewhat weedy, all the deposits had been discovered and picked up. It was like no dogs lived there!

Thank you, Call to Doody!
Julie M., Tomball, TX

Call to Doody not only saves me valuable time, my “kiddies” look forward to their visit. Thanks for doing the dirty job.
Christy N., Conroe, TX

Thank you for providing a service that many don’t even know exists. It has been such a pleasure to come home to a perfectly cleaned yard. I think my two dogs enjoy it even more! When I first hired Call to Doody, I did not tell my husband because I knew he would be concerned w/ the cost vs. the benefit. I was right. I must say, he is now your biggest fan! We are very gracious for all that you do. Thank you and keep up the great work.
Krysti M., The Woodlands, TX

I just wanted to stop and take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate your service! You always let me know that you have been here, the yard is always perfect when you leave, and you are freeing up time for me to do other things! What a blessing you and your company has been! Keep up the good work and you will have a customer for life!
Ellen T., Houston, TX

As the owner of four dogs, two large (boxers) and two small (dachshunds), and the grandmother of five grandchildren, Call to Doody has given me freedom from doggie chores. It has allowed us to reclaim a clean backyard. Yahoo!
Pat K., Cypress, TX

The cleanup today was exemplary. I am very pleased!
Frances S., West University Area, Houston, TX

Wanted to thank you for such a wonderful staff! Today a young man called me to make sure I had not forgotten my garden hose running. It was nice that he took the time to call to make sure I had not forgotten something may have cost me a small fortune! All of your staff is friendly and my girls look forward to seeing them every week!
Kristi O., Spring, TX